A downloadable Fists Of Freedom for Windows

Fists of Freedom, An Indie Game developed by frizzy hair

this is an RPG game for windows  which  take you to some great adventures

no more words , just play and enjoy.You can help me financially to make more games


Simple Controls

Good Sound Engine


Good Story

Lots of Enemies

Lots of Objects to Interact

Be Sure to interact with every person and object to get some hints and move further

great fights

boss battles soon

(some hints and secret objects in screenshot marked with black)

NOTE this is a free game.prices may change without prior notice.Game under develepment.More levels will come soon...

Install instructions

download from the link

double click the installer

choose install location

wait for a second

go to that folder

play from game.exe


Fists of Freedom Free.exe 188 MB

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